wanted: your great literature!

We are open for submissions!

As always: we hope to read your very best ... and more than that we're excited to read it, and we want more, we hope for more, we quietly plead for/demand more. Simply: we love great literature, especially literature that is urgent and/or strange, and we love hearing voices that are new, emerging, and established - especially those from underrepresented groups. We always put samples from past issues on our homepage, and looking at those or reading the journal are good ways to get a sense of our past sensibilities ... though, like all readers, our sensibilities are always shifting, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

Current submissions will be read for our spring 2022 issue. They must be previously unpublished, and simultaneous submissions are totally fine (but please withdraw accepted pieces immediately; the lack of this practice has increased far too much for us lately); we publish Prism annually each spring and generally read year-round.

Happy submitting!

(We generally charge a two dollar fee so that we can do something we hope all agree is a good thing: pay all our authors, at least $40 per writer; usually we have free submissions in early Dec and May or June.)

(... and feel free to visit/like our Facebook page.)

We've added this category to better accommodate a type of submission we've seen an increase of lately--maybe it's prose poetry, maybe it's flash fiction, maybe it's hybrid, maybe it's non-fiction. Usually tone and language and rhythm are elevated, and maybe there's a touch of narrative ... or not, your call! 

Feel free to include 3 pieces in a submission, and each can be up to 1500 words or so. (Each single piece will be considered for publication.)

We crush on poetry of so many variations - poetry that is witty and poetry that is moving, poetry engaged in the world and poetry that couldn't care less; poetry from ironic authors and from those poets who paint strange, beautiful, and exquisite shadow-boxes. Stretch yourself - stretch us. (Donika Kelly, Hannah Park, and Brenda Hillman are three among the many thousands of poets we adore.)

Since we're shifting to fees - again, all authors will be paid - we suggest you group your poems in a single submission, up to five at a time. (If any get accepted elsewhere, just shoot us an email as soon as you can.)

We love fiction of many stripes - to give you a sense of what gets our hearts especially a-thumping, we're very much moved by the urgency of Edward Jones and the strangeness of Carmen Machado, by the passion of Justin Torres and the ruminations of Lucia Berlin.

Please - one submission at a time. We rarely take pieces over 5000 words . . . but hey, if that's your jam, and you know the story is better for its length, please give us a shot.

We love non-fiction and would love to see more! We're keen on recent work by, among many others, Esmé Wang, Maggie Nelson, and Claudia Rankine, and of course forebears such as Joan Didion, Audre Lorde, and Anne Carson.    

   Please - one submission at a time. We rarely take pieces over 5000 words but hey, we know that sometimes it just takes more words, so if that's the case for you, please give us a shot. We look forward to reading your work!

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