wanted: your great literature!

We are open!

As always: we hope to read your very best ... and more than that we're excited to read it, and we want more, we hope for more, we quietly plead for/demand more. Simply: we love great literature, especially literature that is urgent and/or strange, and we love hearing voices that are new, emerging, and established - especially those from underrepresented groups. We always put samples from past issues on our homepage, and looking at those or reading the journal are good ways to get a sense of our past sensibilities ... though, like all readers, our sensibilities are always shifting, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

Current submissions will be read for our spring 2021 issue. They must be previously unpublished, and simultaneous submissions are totally fine (but please withdraw accepted pieces immediately; the lack of this practice has increased far too much for us lately); we publish Prism annually each spring and generally read year-round.

Happy submitting!

(We generally charge a two dollar fee so that we can do something we hope all agree is a good thing: pay all our authors, at least $40 per writer; usually we have free submissions in early Dec and early June.)

(... and feel free to visit/like our Facebook page.)

We love prose of many stripes - to give you a sense of what gets our hearts especially a-thumping, we're very much moved by the urgency of Edward Jones and the strangeness of Carmen Machado, by the passion of Justin Torres and the ruminations of Lucia Berlin.

Please - one submission at a time with the standard caveat that 2-3 short-shorts (totaling 2000 or so words in a single submission) is cool by us. We don't publish a lot of non-fiction, nor do we frequently take pieces over 5000 words . . . we'll certainly consider both, of course, so if you're into those sorts of things, you're welcome to give us a shot.

We crush on poetry of so many variations - poetry that is witty and poetry that is moving, poetry engaged in the world and poetry that couldn't care less; poetry from ironic authors and from those poets who paint strange, beautiful, and exquisite shadow-boxes. Stretch yourself - stretch us. (Donika Kelly, Hannah Park, and Brenda Hillman are three among the many thousands of poets we adore.)

Since we're shifting to fees - again, all authors will be paid - we suggest you group your poems in a single submission, up to five at a time. (If any get accepted elsewhere, just shoot us an email as soon as you can.)

We've added this category to better accommodate a type of submission we've seen an increase of lately--maybe it's prose poetry, maybe it's flash fiction, maybe it's hybrid, maybe it's non-fiction. Usually tone and language and rhythm are elevated, and maybe there's a touch of narrative ... or not, your call! 

Feel free to include 3 pieces in a submission, and each can be up to 1500 words or so. (Each single piece will be considered for publication.)

Prism Review