searching for great works of contemporary literature

  (currently via our annual contests: judges, Victoria Chang & Bryan Hurt)

Please read the categories below for more information about contest submissions.

(For normal submissions: We always hope to read your very best - and more than that we're excited to read it, and we want more, we hope for more, we quietly plead for/demand more. We love great literature, we love finding new voices and reading wonderful works from more established writers. We always put samples of favorites from past issues on our homepage - looking at those or reading the journal are the best ways, of course, to get a sense of our taste.

Submissions should be previously unpublished; simultaneous submissions are fine; we publish Prism annually each spring and (generally) read year-round; each fall we run short story and poetry contests; for regular submissions, we're charging a two dollar fee these days so that we can do something we hope all agree is a good thing: pay all our authors (at least $50 per writer).)

Happy submitting!

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Issue 17 features work from a bevy of fantastic and award-winning fiction writers and poets, an excellent interview with
poet Michelle Detorie, and an in-depth review section of other literary journals.